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Jesus Christ spoke like no man every spoke and performed the proper amount of miracles. At the end, few believed in Him, not even His apostles. The priests and leaders of His time hated Him and put Him to a cruel death.

The Virgin Mary came as a Mother to her children at Garabandal with a marvelous display of mystical phenomenon, with her sweet personality proclaiming repentance or chastisement. She was not accepted, especially by priests.

Just as Christ was not believed until He rose from the dead, neither will Mary’s appearances at Garabandal be accepted until the great predicted Warning takes place.

At that time, it will be useful to have access to historical writings, photographs, motion pictures, audio and video duplications of the events and testimonies. With these materials, modern means of communication can be employed to report the facts and messages of the Garabandal apparitions after the Warning.

Over 30 years ago, the St. Joseph Foundation of Los Angeles began acquisition of materials by an interview with the main visionary, Conchita. The following year, an exceptional witness of the Garabandal apparitions, Father de la Riva, was interviewed. Subsequently also, the other visionaries Jacinta and Mary Loli were interviewed. The main members of Conchita’s family: her mother Aniceta, her brother Serafin, her Aunt and Godmother Maximina were filmed. Also filmed among others were Benjamin Gomez, witness of the Little Miracle, and Father Ramon Andreu, brother of the fifth visionary.

Authorization was received to translate into English the foremost literary work on Garabandal: “She Went in Haste to the Mountain”. Also authorized was the translation of “Memoirs”, the book written by the priest closest to the visionaries in the early days of Mary’s appearances.

An extensive photographic collection with miles of motion picture film and thousands of slides and prints began with Father de la Riva, (who also supplied movies of the children). The photographs include the thousands of pictures present in Conchita’s house, belonging to her mother and brother. There were hundreds of photos from the albums of first American promoter Andrea Gonzales, and thousands in the collections of Ferdinand Corteville and Walter Kushing, both of whom stayed many years in the village. Audio recordings were supplied by Placido Rubiola who audiotaped the ecstasies and taped many early interviews. His interview was done on audiotape, in facsimile of his method. He presented a recording of Conchita reading her Diary in a childlike voice shortly after she wrote it.

Also filmed or videotaped were Dr. Morales (head of the medical commission for the apparitions), Fr. Luna (who took Conchita to see Padre Pio and Vatican officials), Marguerita Heurta (who made the kissed medals), Luis Lobera, (the photographer who took and provided the original film of the Diocesan Commission) and Fr. Eusebio de Pesquera (who wrote the monumental historical composition on Garabandal).

All these photographs, motion picture films, audios, videos and literature materials are gradually being put on web sites for downloading in English, the main language of the web. The Spanish interviews will be provided with English translations. There will also be some material in Spanish.

Clearance and rights for music and stock footage have been purchased for unlimited reproduction. This applies only for productions of a few programs, which are specified. This requires a few of the videos to be copied or televised without editing the sound track or video. Subtitles may be inserted. The largest part of the material will be supplied without restriction of usage.

St. Joseph Foundation of Los Angeles will provide in public domain all the materials for which it has the original film or authorization to publish on its sites: ( ( ( ( (

These materials will be made into DVD’s, at which time they will be available through the above mentioned websites for those who want to use the material to present and promote the Virgin Mary’s messages and apparitions in other languages besides English. Through this channel compressed but sufficient resolution duplicates (DVD quality) will be provided for those who want to make Garabandal or Fatima productions and need visuals. After the Warning this type of programming will be needed.

The time for the Great Events and the triumph of the Immaculate Heart approaches. To the Queen of Heaven has been given the power to crush Lucifer’s head.